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There has been a lot of buzz this week about the possible expansion of the College Football playoff to 12 teams. Per Yahoo Sports:

Yahoo Sports spoke to more than a dozen stakeholders Monday on every side of the playoff decision – university officials, athletic directors, media executives and others around college sports. Amid those conversations, a surprise emerged — officials on campuses, in conference offices and in the television world have expressed an openness toward a 12-team playoff as the most likely result.

While it’s unfair to say momentum has built toward a 12-team playoff before models have been presented to the commissioners or presidents, the 12-team model has emerged as the favored outcome over the eight-team playoff within the industry.
A potential 12-team playoff would likely be six automatic bids (Power 5 conference champions & the top-ranked Group of Five team) along with six at-large bids.

For the SEC, any expansion of the playoff would mean more teams from the conference playing for a National Championship, which is something the league would obviously favor. Per CBS:

While the SEC might not be overtly driving the discussion for 12 teams, such a structure would likely benefit the game's most powerful conference. In an eight-team bracket, the SEC would all but be guaranteed two spots annually. In a 12-team bracket, that number could be three or four teams given the current strength of the league and how well it performs in the CFP Rankings.

"The SEC wants more at-larges," one AD located in the South said.
What do you think?
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The Balinese Club35 months
Terrible idea. There isn’t anyone that has bee left out of the playoffs that could have won it.
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TouchdownTony35 months
Expanding playoffs only assures Bama makes it every year which I am fine with. I do not believe 8-4 teams should be in a championship discussion tho. In 2019, bama was not one of the best 4 and would have been beaten by both Oklahoma and Georgia. College football needs to stay at 4 but only the four best. No usc getting in the playoffs because they won the Pac 12 but with a 9-3 record. They don't belong no matter how many "conference championships" they won at 9-3.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy35 months
lots of refunds on the way for companies who sponsored smaller bowls
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imjustafatkid35 months
This will be terrible for college football, just like the original playoff has been. But as a Bama fan, I welcome the extra championships we will absolutely win under a 12 team playoff format.
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weremoose35 months
This is a very bad mistake.
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Ace Midnight35 months
SEC would have 5 or 6 spots in some years. I think 4 is fine - but 6 would be a decent compromise as that lets #3 through #6 "play in" and makes the #1 and #2 spots more valuable and only 2 teams potentially face a 16th game (which is a NFL regular season) assuming they play in a conference championship. Some years no team will play 16 games (assuming #1 and #2 win their playoff game and face each other in the big game). With 12 teams, the number of kids facing a 16th (17th?) game goes up drastically as will injuries at the end of a long season.
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