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Clemson fans - answer this
How the hell are you only ranked #10 in the recruiting rankings after signing 29 guys and winning the NC last year???

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re: Clemson fans - answer this
They get guys who fit in their system both football related and when it comes down to having the right mindset.

I'm just gonna trust Dabo at this point that he knows what he's doing.

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re: Clemson fans - answer this

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re: Clemson fans - answer this
seems like those effers don't ever leave...coaches too!

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re: Clemson fans - answer this
Not every coach goes stars over all else. It works for Saban and Meyer. Dabo goes his own way. Get the guys he wants, and molds them in a set, structured system. It works. I am willing to bet he gets more out of his class than most other teams will from theirs

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re: Clemson fans - answer this
It’s almost like they’re a cult or something.

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re: Clemson fans - answer this
Also the championship bump comes over the next 2 cycles. Leg work was already done for this class. Wait til next year.

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re: Clemson fans - answer this
27 of their recruits signed in Dec.

Looking at their class, at least 10 of them are those 4-5 year types that they seem to be able to coach up.

Like someone else said,2020 will be the NC winning recruiting class.

Now as an Auburn fan, tell us how your coach continues to fail with all those 4-5 stars ? Must actually be his inability to coach.

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re: Clemson fans - answer this

Wait til next year.

That's OUR motto, thank you very much.

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re: Clemson fans - answer this
The recruiting class started a little slow. Our typical footprint (SC, NC, GA minus UGA/Bama guys) was weak. We also went after several development guys at positions like DL that I think will pay off, but might take a couple years to bear fruit.

Clemson's average class is never top 5 and usually in the 7-15 range. They don't take many high risk guys and have little turnover. This is not our most impressive class, but it's far from a disappointment. Next year I expect a class similar to 2018... A smaller class of very highly rated guys.

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