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re: This should shut penis head up and confirms what I have been saying.

Shit, they don't even show up for home games.

That will change now that they are in the big leagues. Would you want to pay for a ticket and fight the traffic to see Washington State or Arizona State? I know I wouldn't. Now watch when the bluebloods of the B1G come to town. Our alumni alone would fill up any stadium in America as no one travels like Ohio State fans.

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I’ll give y’all this, you get up after you get knocked down. You just get knocked down again, but you do get up.

The Big 10 has won 2 Consensus National Championships in the last 50 years. Michigan was Co champs in 97 and PSU & Nebraska won as an independent and in the Big 12 respectively. And those 2 were won by one team. The SECC has had 6 different teams win the NC 19 times the last 50 years.

SEC 6 teams 19 times
Big 10 1 team twice.

And that’s before Texas and Oklahoma join. You have to do something different to be a threat.

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It’s a dark day for the SEC. “Every school in the Power 5, not in the SEC, has reached out to the B1G.” -Brett McMurphy. This means that, given the choice, every school would choose B1G over SEC. No wonder Finebaum & Sankey seem so melancholy. I feel very badly for Texas

I have no problem with teams knowing they don’t belong in a tough conference.

Hopefully we are done with anymore expansions. Let’s just play ball and let the rest thumb their peters. No more expansion!!!

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It’s a dark day for the SEC. “Every school in the Power 5, not in the SEC, has reached out to the B1G.” -Brett McMurphy.

Rats Fleeing Sinking Ships
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The BIG is such trash.

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As per norm, your slip is showing ma'am.

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They’re calling the Big 10 because they’re not invited to the SEC. That’s the point.

The SEC is like Augusta National. You don’t have to reach out to them. They reach out to you.

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They don't want any part of the SEC. They want to play an easy schedule.

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... This means they don't respect the B1G and think they can win it...

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