Check out Ole Miss' concert singers breaking out in song on their Southwest Airlines flight from Memphis to New York for a performance at Carnegie Hall...

Could you imagine if you had an all nighter and just needed to sleep and this breaks out, woof.

(BarStool Sports)
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Keep practicing
Reply12 days
Had I been on this flight. I would have been this guy... LINK
Reply13 days
Almost maximum cringe
Reply13 days
buncha finooks...amirite?
13 days
Sounded good... and no one seemed to mind. Y’all fuss just to fuss.
Reply13 days
Ole miss students doing something annoying for attention? I’m shocked
Reply13 days
A) It'd be a lot cooler if the singers were not recording themselves and B) I would have gotten myself thrown off that plane.
Reply13 days
old times there are not forgotten!
Reply13 days
The worst person on a plane will be and remain anyone who reclines their seat.
Reply13 days
That would be incredibly annoying.
Reply13 days
Beats sitting next to some fat arse with a gut spilling over into your seat as he or she slobbers their greasy snacks all over the seats.
Reply14 days
Not one cell phone was shooting the video the right way....
Reply14 days
GEAUX To Hell Ole Miss!!!
Reply14 days
Do that on my flight and I’ll have every single crew member fired.
Reply14 days
No you won't Stfu
14 days
That doesn't sound like Dixie
Reply14 days
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