Katy Perry Had A Special Message For Ole Miss Fans On ESPN's GameDay This Morning
© Marty Pearl/Special to Courier Journal
On Saturday morning, ESPN’s College GameDay kicked off from Oxford ahead of the Ole Miss vs.Texas A&M game. Unfortunately, pop star Katy Perry was not the guest picker, but did however send a message to fans...
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The only thing and I mean only thing that matters here are her titties.
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cj3529 months
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Shamoan29 months
KP isn’t even an ole miss fan. Her agent has some connection there. Que that video of her dancing on som bar in Oxford and having no clue what the words to hotty toddy were
user avatar
rebob29 months
Would love to treat her to a heaping helping of my special tadpole chowder
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Pretty face.
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t00f29 months
she is another Cali Commie and can GFHS
user avatar
ChoadieMcSmalls29 months
you gay
user avatar
cypresstiger29 months
This answers the question, “Whatever happened to Katy Perry?”
user avatar
Robber DeNiro29 months
Ugly af with big breasts
user avatar
blueboy29 months
Why is she dressed like a Disney Princess?
user avatar
JackieTreehorn29 months
She has very large titties.
user avatar
soccerfüt29 months
Wood still.
user avatar
O P Walker29 months
She hit the wall HARD
user avatar
weremoose29 months
She looks better than I expected but seems off somehow. Like she's having trouble recalling what she's supposed to say.
user avatar
Bestbank Tiger29 months
Short hair doesn't work for her.
user avatar
PillageUrVillage29 months
user avatar
caleb0729 months
Eat it.
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