Usher Isn't Getting Paid Anything For The Halftime Show, Here's Why......
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Usher is set to perform the halftime show at Super Bowl 58 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday night. However, he won't be getting a fat check from the National Football League for his performance. Here's why...

The National Football League doesn't pay exorbitant fees for Super Bowl halftime show performers. The league does pay the base union rate, but it's a very modest fee.

“The NFL covers all costs associated with the show and does pay the performers union scale. There is not an appearance fee, but the artists are indeed paid union scale," an NFL spokesman said in 2022.

The "union scale" is about $1,000 per day, which is basically nothing for these millionaire performers. So, why partake in the halftime show if you're not getting paid?
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StrikeIndicator13 days
Reba killed it.
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Saunson6913 days
It costs the NFL $13 million to put on the production for the show. That the NFL covers. In a regular concert, Usher would have to cover the total expenses of the show.
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cajunmud14 days
Well, how much is a 30 second commercial going for? How long was his show? There's his fee.
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jp4lsu14 days
It was terrible. He shouldn't get paid for it.
I guess we only get R&B and hip-hop for halftime shows now.
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Tigers4Lyfe14 days
You may not like the music. But to say it was terrible is idiotic.
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jp4lsu12 days
I'm not an R&B fan but I can enjoy some of the music and throw in great dancing and I'm ok with it. I kept waiting for some awesome dance moves from Usher. Nothing.
The best half-time show in the last 15 yrs was Bruno Mars. It was a fun show, appeals to wide audience, great dancing, and great entertainer.
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Waverunner14 days
The international exposure is worth MEGA MILLIONS to their brand. This is a standard business strategy.
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Dude literally looked into the camera and said see mom I made it. In the performance. It was his dream to do it
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NorthEndZone14 days
Unless you’ve committed a crime, there is no such thing as bad publicity.
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Corso14 days
Anybody, even Springsteen is fortunate to even be asked. It exposes whoever the act is to literally every demographic alive
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goatmilker14 days
He said its always been his dream so,,,go for it.
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GeauxLSUGeaux14 days
“Here’s why”

Ends piece by asking why he would do the performance. Simply brilliant Larry.
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Also the reason Taylor didn't want to do it when asked.
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mule7414 days
This has been the case for almost a decade. Godell was trying to find a way to have the performers pay the NFL but couldn’t get around labor issues.
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WhoDatNC14 days
Because being a performer will make you millions following the game.
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