This Old Raiders NFL Combine Scouting Report On Rob Gronksowki Was Spot On
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Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Now looking back, the Oakland Raiders' NFL Combine scouting report on TE Rob Gronksowki was spot on. Too bad they traded their pick away and became a terrible franchise and the Patriots became the Patriots with Gronk...

Back in 2010, the @raiders had @gronk labeled as the best Tight End and top all-around player in the draft. As the 42nd pick approached, which the Raiders owned, they traded it away. That pick fell into the hands of the @patriots and the rest was history. Thanks again Oakland!!!! #NFLDraft

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Scouted by Adam Henry before coming to LSU
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Reply16 days
Why does one trade a 2nd round pick when the best all around player in the draft is available?
Reply16 days
2010 was a hell of a year for Tight Ends. I see you at 19 Richard Dickson
Reply16 days
this reads like a C- book report
Reply16 days
They don’t mention the “bro” factor that he brings. Perhaps his best attribute.
Reply16 days
Eh....every team is going to make drafting mistakes...even the Pats don't always get it right....
Reply17 days
The notes regarding his ability to pull arse must be on the other side.
Reply17 days
How does ...Average hands average route running= best player in the draft?
Reply17 days
Well, nobody is perfect. Being the best in your class doesn’t mean you have no weaknesses. Look at the top players on’s combine site. Each of them has a list of weaknesses that are a dozen items long.
17 days
This was in the few years before Al Davis died when they were making laughably bad moves. Drafting Darrius Heywood Bay in the first (projected like a third rounder) and Michael Mitchell in the second (projected to go undrafted), paying Javon Walker like a #1 receiver, trading a first round pick for Richard Seymour, etc.
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