Desmond Howard Thinks Notre Dame Not Having A Conference To Play: 'That’s Their Problem'
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ESPN's Desmond Howard does not feel sorry for Notre Dame if they are left with no conference to play in this fall...
Do you agree?
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Big12 needs teams
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I wish the SEC would tell notre dame to come play and the acc and the big thin and force them to pick to see what they do.
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Yep, leave them in the cold unless they join a conference. Unfortunately, NBC will find a way for them to play b/c of $$$$$.
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Yes Larry I absolutely concur with Desmond Howard I’ve said over a decade ago Notre Dame should have joined the Big Ten but played USC out of conference every season Rivalry Weekend. They were so smug and arrogant that they really thought being the last relevant Independent program would never hurt them. Well Notre Dame y’all’s silly priests better have that extra pass the hat situation at the end of every catholic mass.
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Doesn't matter. The ACC will include them in their conference schedule - they'd be stupid not to.
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I have absolutely nothing against Notre Dame but I do agree with Desmond Howard here. They made their bed.
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Yeah but you know some conference is trying to work them into their “conference” schedule. Too much money and name power not to
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I like Desmond only in this instance
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Desmond Howard is not a bad guy at all his incessant giggling I a tad silly but at least he’s a happy human being. I’m sure af not.
1 month
He’s right
Reply1 month
For once I agree with that little bitch Desmond!!
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