Here's Charles Barkley's Take On NBA Players Smoking Pot
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Wait, NBA players smoke weed?! Check out Charles Barkley's take on NBA player partaking in the smoke...

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Agree with Chuck 100%
Reply2 months
Just being awake makes far Chuck crave potato chips.
Reply2 months
Fat Chuck. Why can't we edit this shot?
2 months
"Chuck looks like the munchies." - Larry Leo What exactly do the munchies look like Larry? My God you are better than this.
Reply2 months
He’s not though
2 months
So he sees pot as prescription medicine basically? How is smoking/using weed recreationally any worse than drinking alcohol, Chuck?
Reply2 months
I wouldn't want a pot smoker or an alcoholic watching my children... Pot smokers excuse it to get high... So why do want to get high? A beer or glass of wine doesn't do much..
2 months
There are different levels of “high” just like there are different effects based on number and strength of drinks. If I want to relax after dinner or something to help me sleep I might take a couple pills off a joint. That’s a lot different than going to a party and doing bong rips for two hours. There is literally no difference.
2 months
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