New Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach Out Here Asking Why Mystery You Want To Know About
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New Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach out here asking Twitter some big questions this week...
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Well, what is it?
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Crusty45 months
Larry Leo has to be related to Chicken. OR...he is Chicken???
user avatar
English! Motherfricker! Do you speak it?
user avatar
soccerfüt45 months
Why You Have Job Larry Leo?
user avatar
Mr Breeze45 months
Who shot JFK?
user avatar
moester7545 months
I want the government to finally admit that they know damn well there are UFO aliens here and our government is in contact with them and we have a treaty with them too. The aliens are allowed to a abduct American citizens for experiments in exchange for them giving us technology. I want that cat to be let out of the bag before I die.
user avatar
Croomismyname45 months
Ole Miss brethren are all huddled together trying to figure out how they can paint this request as racist.........
user avatar
Why grammar hard to learn, potato?
user avatar
tigerpawl45 months
If dolphins had thumbs, would they rule the world?
user avatar
TDsngumbo45 months
Larry Leo must be a stroke survivor. My father in law is 76, had a massive stroke five years ago, and texts the same way Larry Leo writes headlines.
user avatar
p084533045 months
Maybe your father-in-law IS Larry Leo.
user avatar
blizzle45 months
“How far into elementary school did Larry Leo get before he had to drop out?”
user avatar
johnnydrama45 months
"How does Larry Leo still have a job?"
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