After hearing the news that LSU's live mascot Mike VI has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called spindle cell sarcoma, Arkansas Razorbacks mascot Tusk IV sent flowers and a card to wish him the best.

miketigervi: Thanks, Tusk! Arkansas' Razorback sent me flowers. #MascotsStickTogether

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Champagne98 months
Thanks, Hogs.
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a want98 months
Well done, Arky.
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BigJim98 months
Good show, really nice to see something like that in this day and age.
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LL798 months
Very classy Arkansas. Thank you.
user avatar
TampaTiger2298 months
Damn it, you took my words. I agree, very classy Arkansas.
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Woverw98 months
Who'd a thought? Very gracious gesture from a Hog. Get well Mike.
user avatar
I'm not buying it. I mean how does a wild hog even dial a phone, let alone dictate a letter and order flowers from a florist. I bet a person did this.
user avatar
Grim98 months
That's crazy talk
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Tigersalltheway0898 months
Very cool!!!
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Ironhead98598 months
Much respect, Arky.
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DanglingFury98 months
user avatar
EazyBreesy98 months
Mike should invite him over for a play date.
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Mouche33798 months
That's is a good thought. However two live mascots, one a tiger and the other a wild hog? I don't think the fans of Arkansas would like the outcome of that date. In a perfect world that would be nice tho...
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tigerbutt98 months
Pretty cool!
user avatar
LSU Patrick98 months
Good stuff!
user avatar
Mr. Hangover98 months
Well done Arkansas
user avatar
LSUdude24798 months
I love the purple and gold flowers. Very nice of Arkansas.
user avatar
Spankum98 months
As much as I dislike Ar-Kansas, I have to admit that was a very nice gesture.
user avatar
AustinKnight98 months
Nice gesture. I mean we are talking about a life whether its a human life or not its one of Gods most beautiful creations that's for sure.
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DByrd298 months
We don't have to like Arky. I mean, really the only reason to hate that team is their fans. And hate, we do. Same goes for OM and Auburn. Those teams' fans are like the mythical Cerberus of trashiness.
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Carson12398798 months
lol that's awesome.
user avatar
AlabamasSalaryCap98 months
here come the "classy" posts.
user avatar
foj198198 months
Well that just sucks. Now I have to kinda like Arkansas. JK...classy move Arky!
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