Here's The Ridiculous List Of Things Georgia Gave Ludacris To Perform
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
If you were wondering what it took to get Ludacris to play Georgia's Spring Game last weekend, a list that includes $65,000, condoms and Cognac has been released that shows everything the rapper asked for before performing. Remember he only payed for 15 minutes...

A lot of things to consider here if you're thinking of having the rapper play your 11-year-old's birthday barbecue.

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user avatar
MIZ_COU98 months
A fella could have a good time in Vegas with all that shite
user avatar
imjustafatkid98 months
"Secret" deodorant? Really?
user avatar
HarryBalzack98 months
Batteries, Eucerin lotion, rubbers, grape jelly, and OJ. Sounds like he's heading to Midtown after the game.
user avatar
Goombaw98 months
Why so many batteries?
user avatar
Dale398 months
Needs them for his vibrating butt plug
user avatar
LSUAshlyn98 months
That list would make it very easy to say, no thanks!
user avatar
CaptainJ4798 months
I expected a better wine selection. shite just put red and white wine and the purchased, especially considering the audience, likely would have bought better wine.
user avatar
Tiger Vision98 months
So Luda wears Secret deodorant. Strong enough for a man but made for a woman.
user avatar
JakeFromStateFarm98 months
Luda spent more time loading all that shite up to take home than he did performing.
user avatar
cwil17798 months
So ludicrous got paid 60K and got Georgia to do his grocery shopping for him? Sounds like a pretty good deal for 15 minutes.
user avatar
crawlin king snake98 months
Man, that's ludicrous.
user avatar
musick98 months
Brush with Brissles (African American) :lol: Also, Coppola Red Wine, not unreasonable.
user avatar
saint amant steve98 months
That would make for a hell of a fraternity party at Southern.
user avatar
Hogwarts98 months
So his tall Tees are Hanes brand? classy
user avatar
MSH98 months
Typical Sunday grocery list for me.
user avatar
mkibod198 months
Thanks Luda for the "Im bout to smash yo bish" starter kit!
user avatar
Placebeaux98 months
No grape kool aid? No black ice air freshener? I dont believe you Larry
user avatar
LSULyle0069098 months
I'm assuming he got money as well
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