Tua Tagovailoa Has Secretly Been Working Out With This Super Bowl-Winning QB Trent Dilfer
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Super Bowl champion QB Trent Dilfer has revealed he's been secretly working with Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa to prepare him for the NFL. Something Dilfer had orginally said "no" to...

Finally, Dilfer agreed, but with one condition: Tagovailoa’s training would be veiled in secrecy. He could not tell anyone where he was, and he could not post photos on Instagram or tweet his workouts. “The Rebuilding of Tua,” as Dilfer called it, would be “old school,” with none of the self-promotion that swirls around young athletes today — and it would be inspired by the isolated training regimen from the movie “Rocky IV.”

Perhaps the most audacious part of Dilfer’s plan, which has not previously been detailed publicly, was to hide Tagovailoa — a college football megastar whose recovery has the potential to change the shape of this year’s draft — in plain sight, on a high school campus, filled with students armed with phone cameras.

And yet it worked.
This is a good read...

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This kid knows he doesn’t have an NFL career so he’s doing his best to fool a team into taking him as high as possible. A 2nd contract ain’t happening. He is basically begging at this point. Such a bad look. Sad!
Reply3 months
Is it weird that I see Tua on the top of a mountain screaming “Burrow!!!” While the training montage Music plays in the background.
Reply3 months
Make him great! Turn him into the number 1 pick to save Burrow for the agony of Cincinnati.
Reply3 months
So Trent Dilfer, who openly has had an extremely creepy hard on for Tua since he was in high school, made Tua train in “secrecy” to make it like Tua’s “Rocky IV” moment. And this does not sound weird at all? What do they think Joe Burrow is doing? I mean he’s told people where and who he is prepping for the draft with but no videos or anything like that.
Reply3 months
Hide him on a high school campus? PSH. More like practice on the football field when no one was out there.
Reply3 months
No Rich Gannon? Cmon Tua!
Reply3 months
Isn’t Dilfer like the worst super bowl winning quarterback of all time statistically?
Reply3 months
Baltimore's defense got them to that SB and won it for them. Dilfer was along for the ride.
3 months
Pretty sure teaching and playing are 2 entirely different animals, see like every successful football coach ever.
3 months
Trent Dilfer is trash. Bahahah
Reply3 months
Lol I guess Brad Johnson wasnt available
Reply3 months
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