Coming off of Alabama's loss to Texas last week, Nick Saban spoke on the criticism that has been coming his way...
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Saunson699 months
He has one loss this season and finished top 4 last season. They could still easily make the playoffs. Dramatic.
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POTUS20249 months
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Koolazzkat9 months
Time keeps on slipping away and Dabo wants your office.
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kjntgr9 months
He’s 100 percent right on this one
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Drizzt9 months
Nick is old. Past his prime.
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Sevensblue9 months
FCUK the haters
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ImBatman9 months
You must have attended Alabama or you're scared to say it.
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mpwilging9 months
Father Time is winning big here...
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idlewatcher9 months
At least he's owning it. Brian Kelly could use a dose of humility as well
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cajunmud9 months
Pretty incredible the power that every pinhead in America has gained, thanks to social media.
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saintslsupels9 months
I don’t know exactly when it happened, but Saban for the past few years seems way more concerned about what the media is saying about his team than he should. It’s like every press conference he does now is about the public perception of his team and what’s being said/written. Not much about players, coaches and there performances anymore.
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jp4lsu9 months
It is incredible that media is all concerned if Saban is over the hill after a loss to a top 10 team. The guy has led a program and dynasty for 15 yrs and is in the mix of the SEC title and playoffs every season. What other coach has kept their teams in contention every year for this long?
The media is so quick to build him up and talk about how great of a coach he is but as soon as you miss out on the SECCG and lose to a top 10 team in the opener, they come after you. I hate the media.
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goatmilker9 months
What attacked his head?
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CallmeSteveo9 months
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patnuh9 months
Nick must have borrowed Les Miles hair coloring. His is usually darker.
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