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Any word on Scarborough?

by JustGetItRight
JustGetItRight 131/10 1:26 pm

Great Season, On to Next Year

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by Teague
Teague 211/10 1:26 pm

I finally understand why the Big XII is so high scoring

by Bamafan24
Bamafan24 21/10 1:22 pm
Eli Goldfinger

2017 Season

by remaster916
remaster916 61/10 1:07 pm
John Gotti

Which Bama player owns the record for the most touchdowns in a single season?

by Sticky37
Sticky37 41/10 12:55 pm

This one hurts but bring on FSU.

by Commander Data
Commander Data 11/10 11:51 am
Carolina Tide

Rumors of our death are greatly exaggerated

by MrTide33
MrTide33 51/10 11:43 am

Note to lane kiffin

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LG2BAMA 231/10 11:08 am
Huddie Leadbetter

If Hurts would have taken 2-3 shots on 50/50 balls...

by Eli Goldfinger
Eli Goldfinger 31/10 9:57 am

Our offensive line is offensive

by chattabama
chattabama 161/10 9:55 am

Does Tua compete for the starting job this offseason?

by _Hurricane_
_Hurricane_ 151/10 9:21 am
Huddie Leadbetter

A couple of key things that lead to the loss.

by partsman103
partsman103 51/10 8:50 am

Biggest Flaw In the Gameplan

by uofarolltide
uofarolltide 71/10 7:40 am

I'm still really proud of the team!

by Othello
Othello 131/10 7:20 am
Funky Tide 8

The refs basically told the coaches they weren't flagging the pick plays...

by stomp
stomp 81/10 6:03 am

Easy observations

by Frac the world
Frac the world131/10 5:52 am
Funky Tide 8

Two Illegal Picks = Two Clemson TD's

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by PowHound
PowHound 261/10 5:42 am
Porter Osborne Jr

If we were to lose....

by harmonics
harmonics 11/10 3:07 am

I'm hurting. I don't know where to begin.

by CapstoneGrad06
CapstoneGrad06 51/10 2:58 am

The most plays ever run against Bama in history

by JuiceTerry
JuiceTerry 71/10 1:32 am

So that's the second time in three months.....

by Lordofwrath88
Lordofwrath88 01/10 1:07 am

A Few things that I wish we'd done differently

by flomacanes
flomacanes 41/10 1:07 am

Alright boys and girls; It's over and there's nothing more to say

by TideSaint
TideSaint 81/10 12:53 am

Playing Defensive Backups in Blowouts

by TomRollTideRitter
TomRollTideRitter 41/10 12:42 am

Cut the shite. Saban lost this period.

by South Alabama Tide
South Alabama Tide 161/10 12:30 am
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