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All Pick'em Contests are LIVE...CFB, NFL and Survivor...get your picks in NOW!

by Chicken
Chicken USA fan09/2 2:43 pm

8th Annual SECRant ATS Picks (Cutoff Thursday, 5:00cst)

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by Dawgsontop34
Dawgsontop34 Georgia fan1849/2 6:24 pm
cave canem

The ESPN crew's 2014 playoff picks

by hawgfaninc
hawgfaninc Stanford fan79/2 6:47 pm

Will Muschamp just said

by AU24
AU24 Auburn fan149/2 6:47 pm

Neutral site game attendance.

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by allin2010
allin2010 Auburn fan399/2 6:46 pm

Florida names starting QB

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by atlgator
atlgator Florida fan749/2 6:45 pm

Sounds like Bama fans will easily have more fans than wisky

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by nebraskafaninwi
nebraskafaninwi389/2 6:43 pm

Anybody else stoked about seeing the Chiz get at em tomorrow?

by JuiceTerry
JuiceTerry Alabama fan79/2 6:43 pm

LSU vs Miss State matchup advantages

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by Rhageax Tigerayan
Rhageax Tigerayan3059/2 6:41 pm

Todd Mcshay picks LSU to go to the playoff final too??????

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by HSHoopscoach
259/2 6:40 pm

Bama in the NFL

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by NolaGoldWave
309/2 6:36 pm

Which SECW school is most likely to fire their coach at end of year?

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by CtotheVrzrbck
CtotheVrzrbck Arkansas fan249/2 6:36 pm
No Colors

Alabama QB

by Chris Warner
89/2 6:36 pm

Vol fans chastised on Nashville radio for not selling out opener

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by bigDgator
bigDgator Florida fan639/2 6:33 pm
Bobby OG Johnson

I have to admit-MSU is experienced and will still be a good team

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by cas4t
cas4t Saints fan529/2 6:32 pm

On the eve of the 2015 opener, Bryant, Spurrier, Saban, Richt, Miles ....

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by scrooster
scrooster SouthCarolina fan339/2 6:31 pm


by Jon Ham
Jon Ham Arkansas fan189/2 6:23 pm

Was the first iteration of the Wildcat (McFadden/Jones) the best?

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by Jon Ham
Jon Ham Arkansas fan269/2 6:21 pm

Only 50k for USC vs. UNC in Charlotte

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by Serraneaux
Serraneaux Tennessee fan879/2 6:14 pm
Cheese Grits

Does Missouri really think they have a good team?

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by rammerfinjammer
rammerfinjammer Alabama fan249/2 6:12 pm
Cheese Grits
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