Vanderbilt kicks off their 2023 season at home against Hawaii less than two weeks from now, but FirstBank Stadium, where the team plays its home games, remains under construction...
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The major renovation project is part of the Vandy United Campaign's "Dare to Grow" initiative.

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HarryBalzack10 months
Bet they will still have plenty of seats to spare.
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SECRant Commenter10 months
Honestly they could skip the season and nobody would notice. Who cares when their stadium is finished. Also they probably avg 50 people a game so do they even need a stadium? A much more important argument to be had
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Lynxrufus201210 months
Run down by the crane and cut back by the electric cable. On three!
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Jyrdis10 months
Looks normal.
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skullopener10 months
they can't even fill whatever is left worries
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TouchdownTony10 months
I guess the front end loader is out of bounds this way and the cement truck is out of bounds over there.
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PureBlood10 months
It'll never be ready in time
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POTUS202410 months
Looks like a gameday picture from any of the past 50 games or so.
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lsudave110 months
How can you forget when they beat Florida last year and stormed the field in a single file line?
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prontopo10 months
Looks like there's as many people in the stadium in that picture as there will be on game day anyway. I don't see the problem?
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TheTigershark10 months
That’s what they get for scheduling week 0
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thermal922110 months
I’m sure there’s big LD’s if the aren’t finished by start of season.
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