Ahead of its Sweet 16 matchup against Creighton, the Tennessee basketball team was asked where Omaha is located...
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Uatu19 days
The usual wannabe comedians are commenting on this story. Here’s reality. Geography is no longer being taught in public schools. Cursive writing is Greek to my grandkids. If I wasn’t born in Kansas, with today’s education system, I wouldn’t know where Omaha is too
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HogAllMighty19 days
Btw. Is Trump in prison yet?
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RTRcdub19 days
You must be celebrating Transgender Day of Visibility tomorrow.
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s219 days
i think his people have scheduled a rally at Angola. should rock the prison and gain a yuge advantage in votes over Potato brains.
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Mr Happy19 days
There's nothing like making inner city kids look stupid on national TV. And who cares where Nebraska is.
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cajunmud19 days
If you wanna rule the world, what kinda sheep do you want? Answer: dumbass sheep.
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kywildcatfanone19 days
Their baseball players don't either
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ImBatman20 days
These kids these days, too stupid to not vote democrat.
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Clark1420 days
Yet smart enough not to attack our country’s capitol.
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CanebreakCajun20 days
If people wanted the capitol, they would've taken it. Stay of MSNBC.
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mbraud420 days
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HonoraryCoonass20 days
And as Chris Rock would point out, they all think being stupid is hilarious.
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genuineLSUtiger20 days
Idiocracy is here.
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Big surprise
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Water Mocassin20 days
Embarrassing. My 10 year old knows where it is. ??????????
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lsusa20 days
Yeah, but how are his dribbling skills and outside shooting?
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