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One of the biggest transfer moves in the SEC this past offseason was Georgia landing Florida running back Trevor Etienne in December.

Etienne recently talked with Tate Ratledge on Real Talk about his decision to join the Bulldogs and didn't hold back on his comments, calling the Gators a "losing team" that is still rebuilding. Per On3:

“For me, it was like, does the good outweigh the bad?” Etienne said. “I’ve been with Florida for two years. I went through that whole process of rebuilding, it’s kind of still rebuilding. I felt like there was a lot of uncertainty, so like, a lot of questions were unanswered. There’s a lot of unknown going on. I felt like, I can stay here and do what I’ve been doing for another year or two, or bet on myself and take a chance somewhere else.

“Pretty much to sum it up, it was like, I can either be Running Back 2 on a losing team, or go somewhere – I wanted to play in December, too. That also played a big part in me transferring. So I said, I can stay Running Back 2 on a losing team or go somewhere and possibly be Running Back 1 and win a natty.”
This probably won't sit well with Florida fans.
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UFMatt2 months
so, he is happy going from #2 at UF to #2 or 3 at UG? NIL money was probably better. Good move for him I guess, he still needs to learn how to pass block to get more playing time with any team.
user avatar
lsusteve12 months
Here’s hoping he doesn’t get his wish
user avatar
TigerB82 months
welcome to the age of entitlement.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun2 months
So....he thinks he'll go from RB2 on a losing team, to RB2 on a good, or rather great team??? Makes sense...
user avatar
tigerbutt2 months
No he said RB1 on a good team.
user avatar
jbird72 months
That programs been “rebuilding” since Tebow left. I for one am, enjoying the hell out of it.
user avatar
Globetrotter7472 months
Yes. The UF program has been in a constant state of weirdness since Meyer’s chest pains.
user avatar
weremoose2 months
comma goes after one, not am.
user avatar
jbird72 months
Thanks grammar police. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to edit posts. I pulled a Larry Leo and didn't proof read before posting.
user avatar
bayou prince2 months
Did he say something wrong??? Sound like he had legit and honest answers to why he transferred.
user avatar
TouchdownTony2 months
No but just say, hey, I enjoyed my time at Florida but it was time for a change. I'm gonna go to UGA and be the best I can be and hopefully contribute. I also want to thank Florida for the opportunity they gave me. Honesty doesn't always equal class.
user avatar
Geaux Guy2 months
Some kids should just shut up and play.
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