According to, during a campus production of “The Laramie Project” on Tuesday night, around 20 Ole MIss players were in attendance and accused of using derogatory slurs and heckling cast and audience members. The play is about an openly gay male, Matthew Shepard, who was murdered in Wyoming in 1998, so you can imagine what the players were saying. They were there reportedly as part of a requirement for a freshman-level theater course in which they are enrolled. The play’s director, Rory Ledbetter, told The Daily Mississippian...

“The football players were certainly not the only audience members that were being offensive last night,” “But they were definitely the ones who seemed to initiate others in the audience to say things, too. It seemed like they didn’t know that they were representing the university when they were doing these things.”
Per a request by the athletic department, an undisclosed player apologized to the cast on behalf of his teammates.
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xBIGxEASYx129 months
"Matthew Shepherd was killed by his druggie gay lover. I would think at an institution of education they would research stuff before they put on a play full of lies."

The two life sentences issued for Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson beg to differ.
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sharpSee129 months
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Cheapseats87129 months
Matthew Shepherd was killed by his druggie gay lover. I would think at an institution of education they would research stuff before they put on a play full of lies.
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lsutothetop129 months
paging Toddy
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DivePlay129 months
This is what happens when you force your worship of a birth defect on others.
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HeavyCore129 months
Honestly, when I was at LSU, I was one of the designers for a number of the plays and pieces of theatre that went on. Every year we did a series of LGBTQ plays called "Outworks" and to my knowledge they still do. I'll just say that we always knew when the LSU football team was in attendance. They too were required to come see the shows, and always decided to come together. They were always a massive distraction. It didn't stop with the gay stuff though, we did another play where my girlfriend got undressed to perform a scene where the character gets raped and was constantly sexually harassed through the night by the players asking her to show her tits again.

I had never been that disappointed in my team before. None of the shows were about being gay to be gay (at least when I was doing them) and my girlfriends show wasn't about being a whore. It was about identifying and having sympathy for another human being, which none of our players showed. I guess its a little comforting knowing now that it isn't just our players.
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Harry Caray129 months
Mississippi is homophobic, sky is blue.
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QJenk129 months
Football being stupid and acting terribly immature, why I have never heard of such nonsense I tell you!
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NYCAuburn129 months
klan gonna klan
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SECSolomonGrundy129 months
did anybody think those kids would respect a girls basketball coach?
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