One NFL general manager who spoke to CBS Sports’ Mike Freeman thinks A&M's Johnny Manziel will end up being better than RGIII, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson, all of whom starred as rookies in 2012.

"One general manager said Manziel, the first freshman to win the Heisman, will be better than the current crop of young athletic quarterbacks. He will rival or be better than Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson. This, to me, sounds patently insane. But this general manager was not alone.

Another said almost the same thing. “He could end up being a more accurate passer than any of those three,” said the GM."
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Tantal132 months
He could end up being better than RGIII or Wilson, but I think that Luck is going to end up in the Hall of Fame if he avoids serious injury.
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TigerTale22132 months
Would love to see what GM's were saying about Tim Tebow after he won a National Championship and Heisman Trophy...
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bigpetedatiga132 months
And this is why no one takes the The Cleveland Browns or Oakland Raiders serious!
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SouljaBreauxTellEm132 months
could also just be building him for other teams to draft him. hype him up, even if you truly don't believe in him. or maybe they do genuinely feel this way.
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Dr RC132 months
lol jgd. take your own advice and actually watch him play.
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knuckleballer132 months
Please bring on this season. So much hot air in east Texas in need of being released.
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LSUJay13132 months
So overrated... doesn't hold a candle to any QB mentioned.
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"Aggie fap limits" - does not compute
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InflateADate132 months
Raiders will select him in the top 5
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wadewilson132 months
Sounds like Jerry Jones.
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BuccWildBammer132 months
What tha actual frick?

That guys about to lose his job if he hasn't already
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la champ1132 months
Thought he created a lot of plays on the run as opposed to being in the pocket with his great scramble ability, but his arm did not seem very impressive to me like luck, rgIII, or Wilson.
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jdg91878132 months
Apparently this idiot GM didn't watch his throws. Manziel can only create plays with his feet and throw accurately under 6 yards. He does not have the NFL throws; the deep out, etc and will be a bust. Book it. Did this happen to be the Raiders GM?
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stonedbegonias132 months
Aggie fap limits are about to be put to the test.
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