Strength Coach Scott Cochran Explains Why He Left Alabama For Georgia
Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports
After 13 years, Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran left to join Kirby Smart at Georgia. He's finally breaking his silence about why he left...

”I’ve always wanted to coach and I found the best opportunity. Coach Smart gave it to me and I had to jump on it,” Cochran explained on Friday, via Matt Zenitz of “. . . I think everything happens for a reason. Timing is everything and, at the time, I felt like I was in a good place. Now, I feel like I’m in a great place!”
Is that really an explanation though?

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YES Nick is a total Dick. Great coach, miserable to be around. No concern for others, insulting, demanding, self-centered. If a guy wants to coach and gets an offer elsewhere, he takes it unless he has some other issue.
Reply1 month
Coach Saban should’ve tried Scott as the Special Teams Coach. It couldn’t be much worse than we’ve had.
Reply2 months
I think I'll trust Saban's judgement on that. For a guy that's been around that long, there must have been a reason he didn't offer the job to him or try to keep him.
1 month
He’s a Coordinator at Georgia. He was a S&C coach at Bama. Nothing hard to figure out here.
Reply2 months
Strength coach.... wanted to coach. Well duh
Reply2 months
Guess it’s better to coach than cheerleading on the sideline the whole game.
Reply2 months
I'm glad he did. No more Regions commercial!
Reply2 months
Basically he left because Nick was a d!ck...
Reply2 months
You seem to know all about d!ck...
2 months
Wow. Scott taking shots at A1abana!
Reply2 months
Your schtick has run its course. Get your boyfriend to get you some new material.
2 months
Why would this even be on a LSU board? I get more Bama info here than on TideFans. Thanks Tiger Droppings.
Reply2 months
It’s Georgia news now. He left Bama. Don’t be mad
2 months
Who gives a shite. This dude’s 15 minutes was up a long time ago
Reply2 months
Seems to me he explained it...he wanted to coach and Georgia gave him an opportunity and Alabama didnt. What more explanation is needed?
Reply2 months
We'll take it.
Reply2 months
It was a win win for both of us.. you got a good coach.. we got a great S&C team now.
2 months
@BanaBo, it was a loss for you.
2 months
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