While on Open Mike with Mike Bianchi, via Athlon Sports, former coach Steve Spurrier pointed out that the two SEC programs he led, Florida and South Carolina, are the only ones with more than one non-conference game against a Power Five school...

"Only two teams are playing two Power Five teams," Spurrier said. "We're playing Utah and FSU, and South Carolina is playing North Carolina and Clemson. And all the others are just one, some of them maybe none."
"I think Georgia opens up with UT-Martin, and we're going out to Utah, the team that just won the Pac-12," Spurrier continued. "You know, there's a difference in scheduling to what your record's going to be."
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Jboney268811 months
Spurrier got beat like a ragamuffin by Georgia when he played for the gators and still eats him alive till this day. I hope he gets used to them gators getting their arse beat every year by the Bulldogs.
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Sput11 months
He made up for it by hanging half a hundred on them in Athens as the HBC
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Barstools11 months
Then why are we still living in his dome rent free. We had 2 power 5 OOC games scheduled. He should go cry about it some more.
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Giantkiller11 months
Georgia has quite the reputation for this. It's not like it's news.
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EulerRules11 months
Did they not play Oregon and Georgia Tech just last year during the season?
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YardEngr1111 months
The truth . . . .
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scrooster11 months
Well, I mean ... he ain't lyin' y'all. It is what it is. Besides, he's always going-to find a way to get his digs in on UGA.
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GaPhan11 months
Made his bitch arse QUIT mid season
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TouchdownTony11 months
Meh, FSU is an instate rival that has been on the schedule forever. Same with South Car-Clemson.
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Like he ever played an OOC games of consequence when he was coaching.
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Bestbank Tiger11 months
He played FSU every year. But he also scheduled a lot of games against the Little Sisters of the Poor and the School For The Blind.
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gamecockman1211 months
He's speaking facts. It's easy to whine about 9-game conference schedules when your team plays nobody outside of the SEC.
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CanebreakCajun11 months
Not LSU. We always play a major non-con.
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ForeverGator11 months
And Florida wasn't whining about a 9-game conference schedule as they voted for it, even though we still play FSU every year.
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dcbl11 months
I normsally like SOS, but he is full of shite here to critixize UGA and he should know better - Georgia has scheduled OOC as strong as anyone, better than Florida more often than not - the SEC forced UGA to drop OK because of conference expansion & he absolutely knows this
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