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Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork met with the media following Hugh Freeze's resignations and said that assistant head coach Matt Luke, who also serves as co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, will be named interim head coach.

While Luke will serve as a short-term solution to keep the team together as they start fall camp, SEC Network analyst Booger McFarland named three coaches that could be candidates to take over full-time.

They are Les Miles, Lane Kiffin, and Chip Kelly.

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LSUvet7282 months
Les Miles is on permanent LSU unemployment benefits, Chip Kelly doesnt want any part of a confederate school but Kiffin likes good looking southern women.
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BAMAneck82 months
It won't be chip Kelly. He doesn't haft to accept a job where the team is being turned into a shitnado by the NCAA . Joey Freshwater would be a good hire though .
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tubucoco82 months
I wouldn't mind it being Kelly. I want to see the best coaches in the country in the same conference and division, go head to head against each other. It brings out the best in football !
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HubbaBubba82 months
LOL! "haft"
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Cobb Dawg82 months
The next OM HC will need to be a young guy who doesn't mind waiting out a long probation period. None of these dudes fit that mold.
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saint tiger22582 months
With the possibility/probability of some serious sanctions looming in Oxford, this would be a wish list for OM. I don't even think the good Lord with assistance from angels could bring one of these coaches to OM.
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SamuelClemens82 months
Booger, none of those 3 will end up there.
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Rakim82 months
Ole Miss will hire Tommy Tuberville
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KennabraTiger82 months
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LSUFanMizeWay82 months
Nick Saban, too
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Ace Midnight82 months
This is a good fit for Les. He'll recruit well (and cleanly, which is what they need). He'll put an entertaining product on the field (except that he doesn't know how to do that on offense anymore) and hold down the fort until the storm passes. Heck, he'll win 7 or so games a year. 3 or 4 seasons might be just right to wrap up the coaching career for Leslie Erwin Miles from Elyria, Ohio.
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Orlando482 months
Is this the one bad mouthing TENNESSEE???Come back at end of season and we will see. GO TENNESSEE
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Ole Miss will hire the first openly gay HC in SEC history, Michael Sam.
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tigerfan8482 months
Who is Arkansas State's coach right now? That's who I am going with.
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CGSC Lobotomy82 months
It'll be either Dennis Franchione or John L. Smith.
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Kreg Jennings82 months
I feel like Chip Kelly getting mentioned in major schools coaching vacancies is like Jack Del Rio's name being dropped 5-10 years ago. It's like, your wish list isn't legit or fun to talk about unless he's mentioned.
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Hangit82 months
No big name is going to take that job until the NCAA drops it's hammer. If they are wanting to hire now they better look at a guy like Bill Clark from UAB. He may come if they can get the money right.
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JesusQuintana82 months
Lol...Chip Kelly
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YellaPurp82 months
Chip Kelly>>>Les Miles>>>>>>>>Lane
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Purple Spoon82 months
Kiffin tends to frick up good things. If he goes into a bad situation it could set off a 4th dementional shitstorm
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OceanMan82 months
I wish I had a job where I could pull random shite out my arse and have it published
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Nitrogen82 months
If people think Les will sign a one year deal for basically a walking dead arse program then..yikes. He's a long term coach. Stick with the interim and brace for impact.
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AA782 months
Booger is literally retarded if he thinks any of these would touch OM
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