According to ESPN's Paul Finebaum, Ole Miss and Texas will attempt to raid Alabama's roster as the t
According to ESPN's Paul Finebaum, Ole Miss and Texas will attempt to raid Alabama's roster as the transition from Nick Saban to Kalen DeBoer happens...

“There’s no doubt that those two guys who are … I’ll say Lane Kiffin probably knows as much about what’s happening in Alabama right now as Nick Saban and Kalen DeBoer,” Finebaum said on McElroy and Cubelic on Monday. “Because that’s just the way Kiffin operates. So I mean, that’s what I would be doing. And it’s one thing to do it if Nick Saban was a coach, they would still try to do it. It’s another thing dealing with somebody who doesn’t really know how nasty it gets.”

Finebaum added that it's a "rare" opportunity with this elite of a roster potentially being recruitable for transfers.

“But you’ve got a rare opportunity now if you’re an elite SEC coach, to maybe get that one player, maybe maybe two players who can make a difference in one game which might be the difference between winning and losing a national semifinal," he added.
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TFH2 months
Wait you mean other teams are going to try to land players from the transfer portal? I’m fricking SHOCKED
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beaucrimson2 months
According to the guys at Jimbob's bait, tackle and sandwich store the NIL money will hurt the Tide the most.
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s22 months
Flimbaum!! exudes heaps of wisdom. must be where Saban got his smarts. genius!
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DTRDude2 months
Captain Efing Obvious
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lsu for the win2 months
No shite
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Lazy take because Sark and Kiffin coached with Saban. Norvell and FSU are actually raiding Bama’s roster. Ole Miss has zero Bama transfers. Texas has one. FSU has 5.
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I20goon2 months
Well... duh. Who wouldn't raid a two-deep 5* roster.
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lsusteve12 months
They wouldn’t even talk about this if it were anyone but Bama
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lynxcat2 months
Every school will raid the roster…arbitrary.
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cajunmud2 months
So with DeBoer prolly bringing over his OC from W...does BK go after Rees and possibly lose Sloan &/or Hankton in the process?
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Tiger20222 months
Not if he wants to keep Underwood
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bazeball2 months
This is the same Tommy Rees that ND was trying to fire for being too conservative.
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If he is willing to risk losing Sloan and probably Hankton, not to mention the possibility of Underwood decommitting, just to bring in his BBQ buddy, then he's Les Miles level stupid.
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