According to Paul Finebaum, he thinks the SEC should target North Carolina over Clemson to join the conference...

“I would go for North Carolina first because they really hit a lot of different boxes,” Finebaum said, (first transcribed by Saturday Down South).

“For one, they are the dominant university in one of the 10 or 11 largest states in the country. That doesn’t matter as much as it used to from a television footprint. But they do cover a lot there. They have a respectable football program, and they have an elite basketball program, which I don’t think, again, is driving anyone other than a few out west. They just bring a lot to the table overall.”
(The Spun)
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cajunmud9 months
The next in are Clemson, FL St and Miami. Prolly coming sooner than later.
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POTUS20249 months
Exactly. I think the SEC aims for 20 and tries to get everyone's major rival within the conference. This might mean Ok St and Ga Tech come in and Missouri leaves.
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TDFreak9 months
Tulane too!
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FatDawg9 months
I would HATE it if the sec added fsu and clemson. I would much rather see them both fade away into an acc/aac combined mess.
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Warwick9 months
UNC and Texas as the new guard lobbying for control over the old birmingham power brokers would be a s**tshow.
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Leopold9 months
We could do worse, I'll give him that
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NCSU would most likely have to tag along..which wouldn't be a bad combo. But this is discussed each time so not some kind of great call by PF. UVA/VATech would be better than Clemson/FSU too.
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TigerDean9 months
We don't Need no Stinkin Seminoles... Canes, or anymore Tigers..

I'll take Tar Heels, Wolfpacks, Blue Devils, Cavs, or Hokies.
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weremoose9 months
One too many Tigers as there are. And I'm not talking about the ones in the West
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GeauxTigers14109 months
I agree. If you take the heart of the ACC out, I think any number of NC State, Duke, Wake, And Virginia follow.

I know everyone thinks basketball does not matter but Duke/Carolina is an asset you would want.
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RockChalkTiger9 months
Agree. Most desirable property in the ACC. And if you don’t take them, the B1G will. Would like to see them and one other (UVA or NCSU).
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TouchdownTony9 months
I'd like to see Florida State, Ga Tech, Clemson and Tulane. I think bringing these in state rivals would help the SEC. FLorida, USe and UGA are done with their conference before most teams. Need to have that "conference" game on rivalry weekend.
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Scatback19 months
Screw Tulane
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RemouladeSawce 9 months
There is no “need” whatsoever for that last game to be in conference
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Luckydog9 months
I would like to see none! Leave the damn conferences alone! Sad to see conferences destroyed all about the money.
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ksdolfan9 months
There will so many egos in the SEC that in 20 years it'll split into two different conferences.
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TigerFan555559 months
you want North Carolina, VA Tech, Miami, Clemson, Fl St

Add GA Tech VA, Duke, Wake, NC State, OK State later
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hottub9 months
At what point do we have the big college conferences drop the amateur status, commit to a professional league and create their own league?
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DeafVallyBatnR9 months
Doesn't hurt that he lives in Charlotte now. Because his show originates from there.
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