Nick Saban Gushes Over A&M’s Kyle Field, Kind Of Rips Bama Fans
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On his weekly radio show Thursday night, Alabama coach Nick Saban talked about how impressed he was with Texas A&M's newly renovated Kyle Field and their atmosphere...

“You talk about loud,” he said. “You talk about affecting the game. I mean, their fans really did affect the game, and it says a lot about our players to keep their poise and focus.”

“You know, this is the first place we’ve played for a long, long time, that we never got booed when we came out,” he said. “First place. I’m telling ya. It’s a really nice facility. They had 105,000 people. And they cheered their tail off for their team. And they made it hard for us to play.”
He then went on to send a message to Alabama fans...

“I hope our fans can hear this,” he said, “because this is the kind of place we should be.”
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Masterag104 months
"Do you REALLY, for one second, believe there were no boos? Get real! "

we never boo opposing teams. Only time you hear boos at Kyle is if the refs blow an obvious call and it means the game for us, a la auburn with the horse collar two years ago.
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RockyMtnTigerWDE104 months
I have no issues with what he said to his team's fans. He said A&M fans were a factor for their team, but showed class and respect before and after. Notre Dame fans are like this as well. I am hoping to attend the game this year in College Station.
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Revorising104 months
If Bama is not in contention the next 2 years Saban is gone... He clearly has issues with the Bama fanbase... Cant blame them for wanting to be in a title game every year..... So shutup Saban.
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TigerB8104 months
Douchebag knew what he was getting into. He needs to quit his bitching and deal.
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Gumbo1104 months
“You know, this is the first place we’ve played for a long, long time, that we never got booed when we came out,”

Sounds like bad fans to me. Always boo the opponent until they earn the win and silence us. Otherwise, LSU's real Death Valley is the loudest stadium in college football!
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TigerJeff104 months
does this pompous douchebag ever shut up?
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FishFearMe104 months
GeeOH is enjoying his team's season in Austin.
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TbirdSpur2010104 months
GeeOH is not happy about these quotes. At all.
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stho381104 months
I agree with him. LSU shouldn't be boo'd when they run onto the field at BDS in a couple weeks.
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kjanchild104 months
Another sign that he is done there!
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Lsu101205104 months
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InfernoOrangeSS104 months
He was doing nothing more than spurring on his fan base to make B-D loud. Say whatever you want to about the man, but he knows how to play the UA fans.
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Yeah I think booing the away team is stupid.

I'm glad they showed up.
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ShlikStyck104 months
another one of those clever ways he devises to get his fan base hyped up or razzed up so next time out they can go balistic. He knows none of them will hate on him because he's the best they can get and they owe everything to him. Without Saban Bama would have stayed in the Shula medicorocy of the SEC. They got lucky to score him and they know not to piss him off or he'll jump ship and leave them with nothing again.
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GeeOH104 months
Truth hurts. Deal with it. Prove ONE thing I said has no truth.

Do you REALLY, for one second, believe there were no boos? Get real!

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John Gotti104 months
GeeOH - Shut. The. frick. Up.
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Tiigers072410104 months
Almost mocking The Horns with that pic.
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PhilemonThomas104 months
Poor Nick, he doesn't realize Aggy is a cult and not a school. You can't expect normal people to behave like Aggy.
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LSUDeuce2104 months
maybe if aTm booed the away team, they may win a home game versus a good team
user avatar
GeauxToBed104 months
He gone.
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