Mississippi State superfan "Stingray" is back with another episode as he prepares for his Bulldogs to take on Alabama this weekend...

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HarryBalzack101 months
Bet he feels like shite now.
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danjam67101 months
His parents are obviously siblings.
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Masterag101 months
this dude is a Bama Alum from Alabama. What is his tie to State?
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615tider101 months
His eyes are the size of fricking chocolate chips.
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Doug Masters101 months
If you squint you eyes a little he becomes Peter Griffin
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DingLeeBerry101 months
I think you are asking the wrong question Bama98....Sweet Home Alabama.


"On a chilly November day in 2007, just two days after the last time the Crimson Tide lost to Mississippi State, Steven Ray walked into class at the University of Alabama wearing a maroon t-shirt and a smile.

His classmates -- former Alabama quarterback John Parker Wilson among them -- weren't exactly amused, as they were still reeling from the 17-12 upset loss against the Bulldogs.

But Ray, a lifelong Alabama resident and defiantly passionate Mississippi State fan, didn't seem to mind.

Seven years later, the 26-year-old Tuscaloosa native and Alabama alum has emerged as a recurring Finebaum ranter/cowbell clanger, except this year it's probably not as baffling to those who know him best."
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Fireman17101 months
LMAO he got sponsor..
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BadTyreke101 months
I got a weird boner watching this.
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antibarner101 months
He will change that name from Stingray to Flounder after this weekend.
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LAHog124101 months
Where is his chin?
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BowDownToLSU101 months
He's so out of shape, it looks as though he struggles to talk
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Roarforthetigers101 months
Kiss my cowbells after I've run a 25 mile marathon in your cowbell drawers you ding dong.
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Palmetto08101 months
Boasting of an intimidating stadium when you can see straight through the end zones. That's rich Sting Ray!!
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3down10101 months
So is he saying Cowbells are like welfare for highschool stadiums?
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Lsu101205101 months
I cant look away.
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Meat Newtons101 months
From the short bus, to internet fame. God Bless America.
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JumpingTheShark101 months
This shite is fricked out and retarded. Not funny.
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Bama98101 months
do any normal looking ppl go to State?
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Brosef Stalin17101 months
gdi for sure
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HailFreezusOver101 months
Whey he said he'll yeah.... I half expected damn right... And a hotty toddy to follow.

Strange choice of pattern.

At least he's marketing this crap good for him getting some advertising.
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