Bo Jackson Already Knows Where His Heisman Vote Is Going
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports
Former Auburn Heisman RB Bo Jackson was on "The Paul Finebaum Show" Tuesday, where he said his Heisman vote is going to Alabama RB Derrick Henry...

“He is my No. 1 choice to win,” “We ex-Heisman winners, we have three votes and we can vote for three players and right now he is my first choice on the list. I say this — if someone from Auburn can’t win the Heisman or if Auburn can’t win the national championship, I’d rather for it to stay in the state. If we can do that, the state is doing good. It makes us look good… the rest of the country can not deny that we produce champions.”
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ThaKaptin102 months
lol a the dumbshit that said its been a joke because of woodson winning it. Guess you cant win it legitimately without playing behind the O-line. SMH
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South Alabama Tide102 months
Fig Newton is voting for Watson. Bo is more respectable than the thief
user avatar
borderlineerotic102 months
The Heisman sucks now anyways.
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LSUfan20005102 months
Kid from Navy is the best choice
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RandySavage102 months
Funny that the dumbs think Woodson winning it is what made it a joke. That's one of the few times it actually went to the most Outstanding player and not simply to the best QB/RB on the best team.
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vodkacop102 months
Well Henry, at this point, does deserve it. His rationale should have his votes taken away.
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lsu2006102 months
Lol at anyone that takes the Heisman remotely seriously. It's been a joke since Charles Woodson won it (maybe before that - I'm a little young).
user avatar
Old Money102 months
Bo knows Bama is his daddy
user avatar
demtigers73102 months
LF and "his" team list him the Heisman, maybe next year, deal with it.
user avatar
DrewDawg13102 months
What a douche. If he is truly that biased they should immediately strip his votes.
user avatar
AUbagman102 months
Crying LSU fans... Imagine that.
user avatar
Mouche337102 months
Rantfan:He said "where they play", not where they're from...
user avatar
earl keese102 months
Nothing more than a popularity contest.
user avatar
jrctiger84102 months
That is why the heirs man is losing its luster as far as I'm concerned.
user avatar
Honest Tune102 months
Apparently Bo doesn't know shite
user avatar
Franktowntiger7102 months
So let's just vote for someone because of where they play. He's dumber than I thought.
user avatar
rantfan102 months
Uhh.. Isn't Henry from Florida?
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