Bama RB Bo Scarbrough Was Asked By The Browns If He Thinks God Is Auburn Fan
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports
Players get asked a lot of weird questions during their interviews with NFL teams at the combine. This year Alabama RB Bo Scarbrough was asked by the Cleveland Browns if he thinks God is an Auburn fan. No, like for real...

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Easy question. Obviously God is NOT an Auburn fan. Bama 17 Auburn 2. You tell me.
Reply8 days
I wish he would have responded with "This is why you are the Browns." and just walked out.
Reply9 days
I love when the Bammers get drafted by the Browns
Reply13 days
Well, he defiantly isn’t a Browns fan
Reply14 days
Cleveland is a pile of shite.
Reply14 days
The better question would be does Saban make the whole team worship the Devil or was Nick’s soul enough for the deal?
Reply15 days
I guess that God, Cleveland and Auburn are all irrelevant.
Reply16 days
15 days
Bama players are going to hell by association with Little Nicky who sold his soul to the devil
Reply16 days
Cleveland fans are the dumbest in all of sports. They continually allow the Browns to embarrass that city and do nothing about it.
Reply16 days
Cleveland is the team I use as an example of why I enjoy non-US soccer... You come in last place, you get kicked out of the league and have to win the championship in the lower division to have a chance to play for promotion to the big leagues again. The Cleveland Browns have never been kicked out of the NFL.
16 days
For an Auburn fan, God only lets them win every 4 years. Doesn't sound too legit to me.
Reply16 days
Just a damn circus there... no wonder Cleveland sucks!
Reply16 days
Yeah and Cam Newton is Jesus
Reply16 days
You damn right.
16 days
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