Sometimes you're so excited to doll up your truck to troll Clemson before the National forget to proofread it. Enter this Alabama fan...
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Lord knows I've been there.

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QuackAttack716102 months
Congrats. You played yourself.
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HoustonGumbeauxGuy102 months
They should make a handicap placard to hang on rearview mirrors for people this stupid.

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19102 months
Poor bastards. It's just sad.
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Cadello102 months
Give his sister a break.....
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valpeaux102 months
he even listed all the payments he has left on his truck.
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Thracken13102 months
I bet he has a No Ragrets chest Tat
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mkibod1102 months
No truck nuts, but a Nascar sticker. Solid 7/10 on the Gump scale.
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Whiznot102 months
Typical gump moron.
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AwesomeSauce102 months
Shopped, large file size, pixelation. There was so much to make fun of, but knowing it's shopped ruins it. I'd rather deal with an idiot than a dishonest prick.
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kjanchild102 months
you are
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Breaux102 months
Too much Bama in him
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Robin Masters102 months
Clemson fan removed the "E" and took a picture for a cheap laugh. Pathetic.
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Doug Masters102 months
A Gump missing only one letter should be considered success
user avatar
Bama and Beer102 months
Gumps. SMH
user avatar
harmonics102 months
a-hole double parked
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MSH102 months
(no comment)
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