A conversation between ESPN's Jay Bilas and Barstool Sports' Pardon My Take crew got a little heated over the topic of court storming on Wednesday...
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Wichita Co Tiger2 months
Wonder why Bilas wasn’t outraged that Duke paid Zion? Hypocrite
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TemperdTiger2 months
I think it's simple have them have to wait until the other team clears the floor then it's fine.
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9Fiddy2 months
The fact is if it wasn’t Duke and a Duke player who got his vagina sprained by a court storming, and that it followed the American sports media’s darling who they are propping up with a blatantly obvious ridiculous record flopping on a court storming, no one would have said anything.
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DeafVallyBatnR2 months
Has there ever been a time when a fan has tried to hurt a player when storming court. I have seen the a losing player try to or actually hit a a fan. So who we protecting here. The player or the fan.
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TouchdownTony2 months
Yea, just the other day. My first time seeing it was a Dolphin player punched by a Raider fan before the NFL banned storming fields. Whether it's on purpose or not is not the point. It's also for the fans as well. That scene at Coastal Carolina a few years ago was ugly. 5 people were taken to the hospital.
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82fumanchu2 months
So heated I need a safe space to chill in now.
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Signal Soldier2 months
Wow, so heated.
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gamecockman122 months
Bilas is so damn soft.
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Drizzt2 months
Bliss is a typical Duke a-hole
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Brian Wilson2 months
Hahaha. Larry you blow.
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Bayoubred2 months
We get more heated than that in this house over the toilet paper placement.
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jbird72 months
Larry you need to go work for TMZ. They’re more your style.
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Mountain892 months
that's your definition of heated?

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kywildcatfanone2 months
Larry, you should include a longer clip to know the context of what was being discussed prior to this.
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