After Arkansas lost to Texas A&M in the SEC Tournament quarterfinals on Friday evening, Razorbacks' coach Eric Musselman left the floor raging, firing off a string of f-bombs, then one of his assistants grabbed the phone of a student journalist...

Jack Weaver is a member of Kentucky Kernel, the independent student newspaper for the University of Kentucky. The assistant -- director of internal operations, Riley Hall -- grabbed the phone, then threw it to the ground, according to Weaver.

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WirelessMike13 months
Not justifying the hothead asst coach, but the level of "journalism" here with the tweet and video edit is almost to the minimal standards of TMZ.
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Luke13 months
Muss is trashy…
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Clark1413 months
I watched the video several times and didn’t see Muss say a word or seem to be in a rage. Typical wannabe media prick.
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cajunmud13 months
Not many things piss me off more than those who think they're above the law. Who does this prima donna lil ccksucker think he is putting his hands on me or my property?

This guy better be gone. Worse than anything stupid said that'd get him run off.

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GeauxtigersMs3613 months
From the video how can you tell musselman did it? Looked like the guy behind him.
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ALhunter13 months
I think cajun is referring to the assistant trying to be a tough guy. Musselman seems surprised by the whole thing.
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KillTheGophers13 months
Good - there are no journalists left - only drama story seekers
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Tridentds13 months
Probably the result of the "journalist" saying something stupid to get a reaction. Journalist... students or professional ones... try too hard to be part of the news.

No way the guy comes straight to a journalist just taking a video. No way.
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PeleofAnalytics13 months
So he said something stupid that Musselman didn't even react to despite being closer? Or maybe Riley Hall is just a hot head a-hole who was pissed his team just got bounced and decided to take it out on the first person he came across.
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Basura Blanco13 months
If something was being said, the phone have picked it up. The asst. coach assumed it wasn't an actual journalist as it was a phone being used to record the video. This actually makes it worse
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rattlebucket13 months
What a clown
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Outdoorreb13 months
“Threw it at the ground” I guess he missed?
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