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Our DB's.......
What's the deal with them jawing on just about every play?

Sherwood won't even be in the play and come into the picture running his mouth. I would have thrown the flag several times on our guys.

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re: Our DB's.......
I noticed that, too. They need to STFU and just cover somebody without interference penalties.

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re: Our DB's.......
Sherwood is the only one who backs it up so I’m fine with him. The rest need to chill.

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re: Our DB's.......
Smoke is the worst.

He was still talking after we lost.

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re: Our DB's.......

He was still talking after we lost.

I saw that sad display.

Even sadder, Capers, not once but twice making a catch and getting up celebrating....when he was yards short of the first down, now that was downright funny....if you were a SC fan.

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re: Our DB's.......
Some of the South Carolina players were giving it back to them after the game. As they should have.

Ive not seen a Auburn team do that in a long time. Last year, Seth and Boobie got mouthy at times but this year, its terrible. Hell, even Tank was doing it at one point.

That kind of shite is infectious. Gus needs to get it under control if the players wont do it.

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re: Our DB's.......
To me it shows a lack of discipline.

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re: Our DB's.......
As I've mentioned before Crime Dog vs Coach Brown.

Coach Brown is probably the best defensive back coach in college football. Crime Dog is a recruiter.

WRs and DBs always talk smack but we are at a whole new level. We look ignorant that someone catches a pass runs for 15-20 yards and we make a big hit on them and jump and down yet the dude just went for 25 yards on us.

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re: Our DB's.......
If they cared about coverage like they cared about trash talking, we'd be good.

I agree that it looks undisciplined and it needs to get shutdown.

I also hate the kids jumping around on a big hit after the ball carrier gets the first down, WTH? Get a sack or TFL and jump around. Probably started when our band started playing the Empirical March regardless of what the heck was going on in the game. Oh, Arkansas just got 11 yards on 3rd and 9? Sweet, cue up Darth Vader!

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