Michael Vick Has Fallen 'In Love' With Hobby He Picked Up In Prison
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports
In a recent interview with FOX News, legendary Falcons QB Michael Vick revealed how the 21-month prison sentence he served in the middle of his career e sparked his interest in chess...

"I was always intrigued about it, all the pieces on the board and a lot to learn," Vick said. "A friend of mine and I, we spent like three months learning how to play it. We took a three-month course on how to play it. After that, he was telling me I was ready to go. That's kind of how I fell in love with it."

"I wish I could play more," the four-time Pro Bowler admitted. "Being able to get on the app got me back into it. Whenever I'm traveling or moving around, I'm trying to play it and find a way to challenge myself. I love chess, man. I really do."

"It's hard to say [which is harder]. It takes a while to put together a playbook. When you can play the game and be confident and out-do the opponent — I feel like playing quarterback is like playing chess. All the thinking and trying to beat the defense."
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theballguy27 days
Ron Mexico.
user avatar
eddieray27 days
I like Vick now . He serve his punishment. Did more time than some who commit crimes against humans. I wish him luck.
user avatar
Yallcray28 days
user avatar
Havoc29 days
3 months to learn how to play chess? Kinda slow on the pick up.
user avatar
LSU Tiger Eyes1 month
Enjoy your "hobby" while you can, CUJO and gang are waiting for you!
user avatar
chalmetteowl1 month
I don’t hate him… all time fun-to-watch team and didn’t lead ATL to the Super Bowl… there’s a lot more dudes you can hate
user avatar
RazzleDazzle1 month
dog hater
user avatar
Billy Mays1 month
Seems like he has an addictive personality....
user avatar
Broham1 month
frick that dude
user avatar
ItNeverRains1 month
If I can’t beat Mike Vick in 15 moves I’ll walk away from the game forever. Dude is high functioning retard.
user avatar
ColoradoElkHerd1 month
Not condoning what he did but he did his time and stopped doing it.
user avatar
ninthward1 month
gay sex?

loser pos
user avatar
LSU-DUDE1 month
Trump better take notes
user avatar
cbree881 month
Vick is a moron. He’s not sorry or remorseful for anything he’s done. He only regrets getting caught.
user avatar
YStar1 month
You're a loser
user avatar
SkintBack1 month
Unlike most others, he served his sentence and seems to be reformed. There are a lot bigger p.o.s. players playing on Sundays right now.
user avatar
Dadren1 month
It was 16 years ago. He did his time, his career was completely derailed and he’s had no trouble with the law since then. You don’t think it’s possible that he’s had a little bit of introspection over that time? I’m glad I’m not simply the worst thing I’ve ever done.
user avatar
Flashback1 month
Better than his old hobby.
user avatar
Bayoubred1 month
Legendary Falcons QB...

doesn't compute...
user avatar
Twenty 491 month
Saw headline and thought it’s either some nasty sexual thing or chess.
user avatar
TheWalrus1 month
Probably both
user avatar
SwampyWaters1 month
Go for him! Looking back, it looks like he was a victim of his upbringing, which unfortunately is very common in the African American community. Seems like a decent guy and I wish him the best because, more times than not, the streets win.
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Timeoday1 month
GO is the game bro!! But it is a thinking man's game.
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atltiger64871 month
Vick has made quite a personal comeback, which is great to see. But to hear him a QB is like playing chess is a joke - I live in Atlanta and watched most of Vick's career and NEVER saw him audible at the LOS. He had a lot of talent, but never got the sense he was in complete command of the offense.
user avatar
RoyalAir1 month
Worst thing that ever happened to Vick professionally was when Dan Reeves was fired. Vick had a lot of respect for Dan. Jim Mora Jr let "Vick be Vick," and as a result, he imploded.

Until he went to Philly.
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