Fans Asks Browns DE  Myles Garrett For Photo, Then Punches Him In Face
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Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett had quite the run-in with a fan on Wednesday. According to Garrett, a fan asked him for a photo and then punched him...


Cleveland police identified a man they believe punched Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett as the defensive end posed for a photo with him in downtown Cleveland.

No formal charges have been filed in the case, but officers identified the 24-year-old Strongsville man through his license plate, police reports say.

The incident happened about 3 p.m. Wednesday on Euclid Avenue and East 9th Street in downtown Cleveland.
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When former Aggies stop for guys in the side of the road, there’s usually only one reason...
Reply22 months
He was probably hoping he would beat the crap out of him so he could sue. Probably had someone nearby videotaping so they could post and go viral once he beat the crap out of him. Everybody trying to make money off some else's fortune. Can't trust people when you have millions to lose.
Reply22 months
People like this dude are cowards. Little punks looking for some attention. Police should arrest him, take him to jail, put him in padded room, then let Myles in and see who walks out.
Reply22 months
That fan is lucky to not be eating food through a straw right now
Reply22 months
Why did he photoshop his head on my body? Signed Every OT poster
Reply22 months
At least he took the rope off before reporting it. AGGY TRASH
Reply22 months
Did he have on a red hat and yell "This is MAGA country bitch" ?
Reply22 months
He knew Garret wouldn’t come after him. Lol
Reply22 months
Can't imagine what these grown men deal with from the fanatics who can't control themselves. Both College and professional athletes are forced to face the spectrum of fans. I love football, and I'll scream like a madman at games... even in my living room when it seems crazy because I have ZERO effect on the game, but to cross the line from sport to threats or personal attacks (physical or verbal) is just insanity. It's entertainment... a freaking game! Did this guy's girl leave him for Garret?
Reply22 months
“Fan” is short for “fanatic.”
22 months
Did the guy who did it identify himself to police as Johnny football?
Reply22 months
I don't like Garret, but I hope he beat the brakes off of this guy. Whatever lame excuse he has is not justified.
Reply22 months
What’s not to like? He’s quite possibly one of the nicest guys in the game.
22 months
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