If you're a fan of former NFL WR Chad Johnson, you know the dude has one messed up diet that consists of unhealthy choices, sugar and fast food. Here he is trying to convince NFL QB Cam Newton, who has been vegan, to let him do his meal prep...

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That’s actually pretty damn funny for some reason.
Reply26 days
Chad Johnson is a very likeable dude, especially compared to today's NFL players.
Reply1 month
Cam wants to suck Chad’s cock so bad
Reply1 month
He looks a like a black version V from V for Vendetta with that hat and growth under his nose.
Reply1 month
First rule of vegan club, tell everyone about vegan club.
Reply1 month
I don’t know much about the vegan diet other than they don’t eat anything from animals. So it’s amazing to me that Cam can keep the physique he has without the protein you get from meat. I wonder if his injuries the past several years coincide with his switch to a vegan diet?
Reply1 month
Possibly. I think Tony Gonzalez was vegan for half his career though and he’s a HOF so who knows.
1 month
Pretty sure he has someone (nutritionist?) who is helping ensure he gets a proper diet. Protein from non-animal sources and protein supplements are available.
1 month
Tom Brady has been vegan, for the most part, for the last 5-8 years if not more. He said it saved his career.
1 month
This looks like a fun conversation.
Reply1 month
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