Paul Finebaum Says Texas Football Is ‘Not A Big Deal… Not A Relevant Program Anymore’
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ESPN/SEC Network analyst Paul Finebaum decided to pick a fight with the Texas Longhorns on Wednesday, saying they're no longer a relevant program anymore...

“Texas is no big deal other than to Texas fans. This is not a relevant program anymore,” Finebaum said on Wednesday’s Get Up on ESPN.

“Go back to 2013 when Texas fired Mack Brown. He didn’t resign. He was shown the door. The same Mack Brown who now has North Carolina in the Top 10. Texas can’t even win its own state anymore. Lost two of its best players to Alabama. It’s pathetically behind Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M and it’s way, way behind its biggest rival in Norman, Oklahoma. Texas is fighting for third at best in its own league.

“The problem isn’t Sark, the problem are Texas people. Nick Saban told me one time, after he turned down Texas, he didn’t want to report to 15 or 20 billionaires everyday. That’s the way that program rolls. Saban took over at Alabama and said ‘I’m in charge here.’ Lincoln Riley has very few people that he has to answer to in Norman.

“That’s the problem for Sark. Every other minute someone else is calling up and wants a piece of him and that program. Until they clear that up, and they haven’t yet, that program will be stuck in the mud.”

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They’re all fur coat and no trousers, they are.
Reply2 months
The Big 12 is set up for Texas and OU to succeed. I think the biggest reason that Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, and to some extent A&M left was because of the preferential treatment that OU and UT receive. The day that Bama or Florida get their own network will be the day it's time for LSU to look elsewhere. That day isn't coming, because the SEC gets it. How great is it that the school that the Big 12 bends over for the most, is stuck in quicksand!
Reply2 months
The bastards have never been relevant. Wake me up when they pass Minnesota and Georgia Tech in NC’s.
Reply2 months
"Not A Relevant" like Paul
Reply2 months
Well, so he's saying what everyone already knows. Sounds like him.
Reply2 months
UT irrelevant? Hot-ass take there, Dumbo.
Reply2 months
Sounds exactly like Louisiana government and how it runs the LSU system.
Reply2 months
:he's right you know:
Reply2 months
That should leave a stain for Big Hat No Cattle U at Austin
Reply2 months
He is not wrong. Texas is the #5 program in a 10 team league. OU, Iowa St., Ok. State, TCU and then Texas.
Reply2 months
Hard to believe Iowa State above Texas, but it's true.
2 months
Hard to find a lot of wrong in any of that
Reply2 months
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