Back In September, Lou Holtz took some big shots at Ryan Day and the Ohio State Buckeyes football program. Day then went after him in a post-game interview. After the Buckeyes loss to Michigan Saturday, here was Holtz reaction...
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BayouTigers4Life3 months
Still remember watching Rece, May and Holtz late night on Saturdays - half drunk and having lost my voice after 3 hours of non stop shouting!
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gamecockman123 months
Day called him out so Holtz absolutely deserved to go back at him.
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CrystalPreserves3 months
He annoyed me with his inaudible words, but somehow I miss seeing him on gamedays giving his slobbery commentaries lol
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BobABooey3 months
Lou Holtz is still alive???
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Drizzt3 months
Day deserves it
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Akit13 months
Man he really hates Day. That’s a deep hate. For him to double down after the ND/OSU - I’m impressed lol
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billfish213 months
As the notre dame coach, he went after a kicker who switched his commitment from south bend to tallahassee. Arguably no coach did less with more during their tenure at notre dame.
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DeafVallyBatnR3 months
1988 Lou Holtz National Championship at ND and the last time they won one.
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thermal92213 months
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