Footage from Bronny James' workout with the Lakers surfaced on social media Thursday night. That led to people speculating about the former USC guard's future...
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kywildcatfanone16 days
Was there actual workout footage?
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Morpheus28 days
Lebron should be ashamed of himself not excepting the fact his boy is just not good enough. Barely good enough to play at a major college let alone the pros but he is gonna force his power on some team just to have a shot to play with his boy. If I was the Lakers I’d tell him to kick rocks. It’s not gonna work.
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cadillac756328 days
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SwampyWaters28 days
If he wasn't LeBron's son, I don't know if he would make a JUCO roster. There is nothing about his game that stands out. Bill Walton's son Luke is a prime example of having a famous father who played in the league, but he earned a spot because he had the talent to be there. He wasn't going to be a superstar, but his talents were good enough to deserve a roster spot.
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Timeoday28 days
Very Happy Jerry West did not get to see this!!
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TFH28 days
I wish they would stop letting them carry.
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Revorising28 days
I can’t keep up with him bc he is so lightning fast.
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Privateer 200728 days
He looks lost out there.
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BobABooey28 days
Didn’t he almost die from a heart condition? Maybe he should change careers and be a fishing guide or work in the gift shop at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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JackieTreehorn28 days
LeBitch and the Sweeps
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Dude ain't good.
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ezride2529 days
I’m pretty sure I could do everything he just did.
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Crow Pie29 days
Dear Jeannie B,

For the love of all things good. Do it. Please.

Pel's 25 draft pick swap
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TDTOM29 days
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SDVTiger29 days
He bricked that one shot lulz
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