Spike Lee To Direct 30 For 30 Doc About Mizzou Football Team Boycott
Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports
According to Indiewire, Spike Lee is directing an ESPN 30 For 30 about the Missouri football team's 2015 boycott that forced school president Tim Wolfe resigned.

A surprise guest in the audience was Spike Lee, who Indiewire has learned is interested in using some of the footage from the documentary for his own ESPN 30 For 30 project about the Missouri football teams’ role in the protests.

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user avatar
Foolish cock100 months
Jesus. No shock here. The worlds biggest racist takes to film to accuse all white people of racism.
user avatar
madddoggydawg100 months
I look forward to a quality perspective in unbiasedness.
user avatar
Lake Vegas Tiger100 months
so its going be an hr to hr and a half of white bashing
user avatar
JayJay2100 months
This will be a wonderful documentary.
user avatar
Mulerider100 months
One of the most open racist in our society is a guy named Spike Lee.
user avatar
Zou brownmajic100 months
So after reading all these stupid comments I guess all you clowns would rather have your boy Donald Trump doing this piece.
user avatar
evangelfan100 months
Of course! It's what this little race bating pimp lives on. I'm sure he'll bring on Sharpton and Jackson to complete the unholy trinity.
user avatar
I cant wait to not watch this.
user avatar
TigerTalker16100 months
Yep, we're fricked.
user avatar
Ash Williams100 months
What if I told you that some drunk freshman made a swastika out of poop for no reason at all and it gave thousands of students with nothing better to do an opportunity to show just how stupid they are...
user avatar
jpainter6174100 months
His chi-raq beret says everything that needs to be said about this arse clown.
user avatar
MoarKilometers100 months
I'd rather read a 1000 page manifesto written by Larry Leo than watch 30 seconds of this shite.
user avatar
tigerfootball10100 months
user avatar
CGSC Lobotomy100 months
What if I told you something stupid, directed by a racist?
user avatar
Jizzy08100 months
let the guy who has court-side seats in madison square garden to spout off about the struggle
user avatar
TNTigerman100 months
I'm sure ABC executives are trying to figure out why ESPN's ratings are dropping. Don't need to look far.
user avatar
RandySavage100 months
PC pu$$ies kill another great American tradition.
user avatar
tWildcat100 months
I won't be watching.
user avatar
justustm2100 months
So clever, a bunch of racists wont be watching. A bunch of racists calling others racists for highlighting racism. I knew the responses I would see before even clicking. So typical. Racists are so predictable in their behavior. And of course they don't like anyone shining a light on racism, because we all know racism does not exist in America. And if it does, it is black people who are the racists. And the poor white man is the victim of black peoples' racism in America. Racists are programmed to: 1. Deny racism exists. 2. Call anyone claiming racism exists a racist. 3. Attack whoever discusses a specific act of racism by name calling that person. With the hope that being attacked verbally will scare anyone from standing up to racist behavior. 4. Claim they have a friend who is of another race. At the same time tell that "friend" how different they are from other of that person's race. 5. Blame the victim of racism for causing the racist treatment they received. 6. Provided with clear unrefuted evidence of racism, find any other explanation for what they saw, because in their minds, racism does not exist. Rodney King was resisting arrest. 7. Label all minorities with the deviant behavior of any member of their race. Never label their own race with the deviant behavior of it's members. 8. Argue that any mistreatment of a minority is because of some defect of that race, i.e. they are lazy, lack morals, looking for a handout, violent, unintelligent, less than human, so forth and so on.
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