On His Bully Ball show, former Kentucky All-American DeMarcus Cousins said Rajon Rondo would be a "perfect hire" for the Wildcats to replace John Calipari...

"I honestly think Rajon would be the perfect guy for this situation," Cousins said. "Obviously he's a Kentucky kid. He played, he’s an alumni. But he understands both sides, like probably better than anybody else ever will."

"He’s great at creating the standard," Cousins said of Rondo. "He’s great at leading the ship. I don’t think there’s a better leader to lead Kentucky out of this spot than Rajon Rondo."
(The Spun)

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tigersbb1 month

Yes, please hire Rajon. Signed : The rest of the SEC
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Draino541 month
Buzz Williams.
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SomeLSUguy1 month
I also think it will be Buzz... He's done really good at atm with far less talent.
user avatar
GB1017LSU1 month
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Sissidog021 month
Once the administration posts bail, he’ll be here by the weekend
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RazzleDazzle1 month
Not even on Kentucky's radar.
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Le Tenia1 month
Prob should get some coaching experience first before gettting his shot as a HC.
user avatar
Timeoday1 month
The General. Some still call him Will Wade.
user avatar
Play_Neck1 month
Rajon would be an awful coach
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CanebreakCajun1 month
Yes, Rando could spread his positive and lawful demeanor to young men.
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Hangit1 month
Rondo's trial starts April 25th. He may not be available, or he gets off and the judge buys a new G Wagon.
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L1C41 month
Have they not learned anything from Louisville?
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Shaq4prez1 month
I would trust Cousins to give me directions to McDonalds
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TheMuffinMan1 month
Incredible basketball mind but it takes a certain type of dude to enjoy all the recruiting and baby-kissing and inane press conferences.
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