Georgia’s Lost To Mississippi State Because A Fan Threw A Stuffed Animal On The Court
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Georgia and Mississippi State were tied, 67-67, with time running out, when the Bulldogs were called for a foul against MSU. While the player was at the line, a fan threw something onto the court, which made the refs call a technical foul. MSU player hit the technical foul and game over...

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So all you have to do is throw the opposing team's mascot doll out onto the floor and they get penalized?
Reply2 days
No effect on the outcome of the game. It could have... but it didn’t!
Reply26 days
I threw it. My system works. Go to away games, throw stuff on the court to help your team. It couldn't be simpler. Go Mississippi State.
Reply27 days
It’s great when Larry uses “bulldogs” to refer Both teams are bulldogs
Reply27 days
There goes our basketball season.
Reply27 days
“Georgia’s Lost To Mississippi State Because...” Jesusgod Larry Leo, you are functionally illiterate.
Reply27 days
UGa fans lose their shite so easily. They come unglued over every call that doesn't go their way. The guy got fouled on the shot and they act like it is the worst call ever. Every time we play there I am amazed at how they bitch at every call. I see 50 year olds in the audience throwing conniption fits. As bad as they are in basketball you would think they are used to it, but nope.
Reply27 days
Believe it or not, Bama fans (in TS this year) were exactly like that. For a team that wins as much as they do, I was amazed at the whining & wanting every, single, call.
27 days
@lsusteve1 I know one thing the whiny spoiled Bama fans didn’t have to complain about when we played them at home this year and that was the fact that we scored to many points! Hell, they also didn’t have to complain about that in 2017 either when we played them in Tuscaloosa. Ensmingers offense has been supremely consistent at putting up a total of “ZERO” points against Bama ever since he was promoted to Offensive Coordinator by Orgeron. Way to stay PERFECT Steve!!!
27 days
My bet is, you know about 6 UGA fans that act ridiculous, but you enjoy referencing them as a whole.
26 days
MSU had another FT coming. The MSU player hit the next FT, missed the last to run out the clock. It was stupid, but a moot point with 1/2 a second remaining. The Tech didn't cost UGa the game
Reply27 days
This is F###ed up IMO. I understand the referee having the power to give a technical for something being thrown onto the court. You can't allow the arena to get out of control. But this one call that directly determined the outcome of this game. This is definitely not the spirit of this rule.
Reply27 days
What if it was a false beanie bear Flag
27 days
It didn't affect the outcome. He had two free throws, the tech gave him three. He missed the first ave hit the second. He then intentionally missed the third.
27 days
If you have ever been on the field or on a stage and have something thrown at you, then you will start to realize how freaking dangerous it is. Doesn't matter if it's a stuffed toy or not. What do you want them to do, ignore it and maybe next time it will be a battery?
27 days
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