A male contestant on the obstacle course game show Wipeout has died after completing a course on the show...

The contestant, who has not been named, went into cardiac arrest after finishing the course and was treated on set by emergency professionals. Paramedics were then called in and the contestant was taken to a local hospital, where he later died.

Sources close to the production confirm that all contestants on the show are expected to complete medical exams before being cleared to participate, and other safety precautions on the show include having on-site paramedics, doctors, and a safety producer.

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Oh wow!! That’s terrible. Prayers for his family I can’t imagine losing someone like that
Reply12 days
That’s why I always liked Double Dare. 15 years and not a single proven fatality.
Reply12 days
Didn't realize this show still existed.. RIP regardless
Reply12 days
Was the "completed course" the first (daylight) run, or the final three contestants night time run?
Reply12 days
I actually loved this show, they would beat the shite out of the contestants. And was glad to hear they were bringing it back, hopefully this doesn't rain on the shows parade. John and John were good as hosts.
Reply12 days
This happened in 2009 as well.
Reply12 days
At least he completed it before he was wiped out.
Reply12 days
On my 2020 Dead Pool list, I had “Wipeout Contestant.” Do I get credit or did I have to use his full name?
Reply12 days
It died with the gentleman who died, sorry for playing.
Reply12 days
So, even if you complete the course, they give you a heart attack to prevent you from acquiring the prizes... Great strategy!
Reply13 days
Honestly didn’t know wipeout was back but always liked that show
Reply13 days
It’s gone now
13 days
are marathons gone too? Because multiple people die every year running marathons.
11 days
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