Watch Auburn Gymnast Suni Lee Make History
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Another look at Auburn gymnast Suni Lee making history over the weekend...
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Willie Stroker29 months
user avatar
JackieTreehorn29 months
I’d like to invite her over for a meal of General Zhao’s chicken.
user avatar
BigPerm3029 months
This is stupid. It’s like me being in a spelling bee full of retards. What an accomplishment. She should be proud.
user avatar
UAinSOUTHAL29 months
She's an Olympic medalist, she isn't your normal NCAA gymnast. This really isn't much of a story coming from her. It's kind of expected.
user avatar
Hoovertigah29 months
Don’t even know what I just watched.
user avatar
kkv7529 months
Not trying to be a dick, but I feel like I've seen that move a million times??
user avatar
narddogg8129 months
Every gymnastic moves looks the same to me
user avatar
mark65mc29 months
NCAA judges hand out tens like Biden hands out crack pipes.
user avatar
hogminer29 months
Totally agree. She did nail the landing though on a move never done before.
user avatar
jatilen29 months
A 10? A OT 6.5 at best
user avatar
brett40829 months
All this scoring stuff seems very subjective to me
user avatar
Robber DeNiro29 months
She got a 10 but she a 6
user avatar
Wallace Ritchie29 months
Wife material
user avatar
10MTNTiger29 months
How is this making history? There have been several 10s given the past year, big deal.
user avatar
Che Boludo29 months
"performed a nabieva, which has never been seen before in collegiate gymnastics"
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