At SEC Media Days this week, Alabama head coach Nick Saban commented on the current NIL policies in the NCAA...

“I don’t dislike name, image and likeness. I’m all for the players. I want players to do well," Saban said. "Our players did extremely well last year. They made over three million in name, image and likeness so I’m all for the players being able to do as well as they can and use their [NIL] to create value for themselves. We have a great brand at Alabama so players are going to be enhanced because of the value that our brand can help them create…[NIL] is not an issue for us at Alabama.”
While on ESPN's Get Up Wednesday, Paul Finebaum responded to Saban's comments...
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BobABooey19 months
Former Miami Dolphins head coach Nick Saban also does not like up-tempo game play. It’s dangerous.
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kkv7519 months
Yet his teams run it to perfection.
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Hater Bait19 months
The transfer portal is going to be the best option for buying quality players. A kid straight out of high school is not a proven commodity. A kid that’s played major college ball for 1-2 seasons and excelled despite being on a loser team is where the focus and smart cash will be. Texas A&M bought a damn expensive pig in a poke. Will be interesting to watch.
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lsusteve119 months
Every SEC Coach "Nick hates that you're making $$" He's a selfish SOB that doesn't care about you.
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Billy Mays19 months
Alabama would prefer to have it the old way where their boosters could just do his dirty work behind the scenes instead of in public.
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BlackPot19 months
He doesn't like the distraction. The old booster way was less hassle lol. I'd rather it that way too, but I have that old mentality
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TouchdownTony19 months
No true college football fan with half a brain likes NIL. Whether they admit it or not.
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CDawson19 months
or the transfer portal.
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Toptigerfan8619 months
Clearly he doesn’t like it bc it levels the playing field a bit. He’s been so good at finding loopholes and now that skill has been neutralized bc it’s blatant pay for play.

I hate it just as much as Saban does but it is what it is
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Jacherse19 months
Intelligent, knowledgeable people pay no attention to Finebaum.
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SECdragonmaster19 months
The fact that saban will not shut up about the NIL means it is seriously hurting alabama. He does not care about anything other than winning.
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Vidic19 months
Please elaborate how it’s hurting Alabama
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SeanLSU19 months
@Vidic, please see what A&M did in the last cycle. They bought players right out from under Saban, and ole Nick called them out on it. It started quite the firestorm between Nick and Jimbo. No way you could have missed it :)
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PeleofAnalytics19 months
NIL and money is the overarching theme of college football at the moment. How the hell can you be the most well known college football coach in the country and not talk about NIL?
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