Nick Saban Comments On Michigan's Spring Break Practices In Florida
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Every college football coach seems to have an opinion about Jim Harbaugh taking his Michigan team to Florida for spring practice/spring break. While on The Dan Patrick Show Friday morning, Alabama head coach Nick Saban gave his two cents...

Nick Saban on Jim Harbaugh taking his team south for spring practice: “I don’t think that when people design the rules, they design to rules to take your team somewhere else and have spring practice during spring break.”

Dan Patrick: “Why don’t you just bring the team up to Ann Arbor or Columbus for a three-day weekend?”

Saban: “First of all most of our team would be shocked by the weather, so that’s not something that they would really [want]. But those are all nice places, I’ve spent a lot of time in the Big 10. I coached Ohio State, Michigan State and they’re a lot of good people there and we have a lot of good relationships there. But I’m not sure it’s something our players would look forward to and I don’t really know what the benefit of that would be.”
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TailbackU98 months
"The Saban Rule" was put in place because Nick was bending the rules so badly in his early years at Alabama. How quickly he forgets.
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Section 8098 months
Tell us more about this "Saban Rule" Mr.TailbackU
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El Campo Tiger98 months
It's currently 38F in Ann Arbor, so yeah, I would be looking for any excuse to let my players practice somewhere in a more ideal setting.
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hogNsinceReagan98 months
Yea, and when it's snowing at practice in September think of all the good times we had down south!
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ULSU98 months
Saban cries about everything. It is unbecoming considering how good his program is.
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BlackPawnMartyr98 months
Yea that was crying at all, but you sure do sound butthurt! LOL!
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Smart move by Harbaugh. Why not bring your brand to the fertile recruiting grounds of Fla and IMG academy? Once he starts winning, Spring training in florida, TX, and Ca will be the norm.
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Black n Gold98 months
"I don’t really know what the benefit of that would be.” This translates to "your recruits suck."
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bayourougebengal98 months
I can't figure out why anyone gives 2 shits what Harbaugh is doing.
user avatar
JumpingTheShark98 months
This. I feel like I hear too much about someone who isn't really doing anything.
user avatar
MoarKilometers98 months
Yeah... Sleepovers with minors are of no concern. Precedent has been set, and lots of women's teams are coached by guys.
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