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New Alabama head coach Kalen DeBoer is reportedly hiring two new coaches to his staff.

According to FootballScoop, Former Washington co-defensive coordinator and linebackers coach William Inge will join forces with DeBoer again to coach the linebackers.

To round out his coaching staff, DeBoer is hiring Oklahoma special teams analyst Jay Nunez as his new special teams coordinator.

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Serraneaux15 days
Who and who?


Dumb and Dumber?
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ninthward16 days
they have to cope with the fact that it was Saban and not the brand.
user avatar
RECConspiracy16 days
Imagine the melt if Bama got it right though with this hire
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BIGJLAW16 days
Idiots like you refuse to understand that the brand was winning Natties before Saban and will after.
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CanebreakCajun17 days
We got a pac 12 team in the SEC.
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theballguy17 days
And how will that feel when Bama gets 10 or more wins through the SEC as a Pac 12 team?
user avatar
Landmass17 days
Pretty good considering it will be a decade from now.
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OGTiger17 days
For the last 10-12 years Bama didn’t lose hardly a ballgame they were supposed to win—-which was practically all of them. Now, they are just another SEC team. Wait until they lose to Mizzou or South Carolina. The melt is going to be epic!
user avatar
PeleofAnalytics17 days
With all the experience LSU fans have, you looking to teach a class on proper melt techniques and methods?
user avatar
OGTiger16 days
STFU clown. It’s ok to lose a few ballgames. Get used to it.
user avatar
crimson crazy16 days
Yeah that’s what the all the other losers keep trying to tell us.
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