Here Was Nick Saban's Comments On The Urban Meyer Situation
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As the Urban Meyer news continues to fill the headlines, everyone has been wondering what Alabama head coach Nick Saban's comments would be. Well, here they are...

Neutral as expected.

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Nick has covered up more shite at Bama than the mafia. He knows better than to call out another coach.
Reply2 months
Saban did what spurrier didn't do. Addressed the victim first. Ole Steve just went on about how he hoped urban didn't know. No mention of the crime. THAT is what separates Saban from spurrier.
Reply2 months
Take that hand you're patting yourself on the back with and go open Saban's closet. A skeleton bone will fly out so big, it'll rip that hand off and split your skull in two.
2 months
Typical Saban comments. It would have been awesome if he had said this instead -- "We have tremendous respect for treating people, male or female, the right way, especially when it comes to paying them off to cover up sexual abuse. I’m sure Ohio State will do a fantastic job of investigating, but I hope they are sanctioned by the NCAA and banned from playing in any bowl game."
Reply2 months
Doesn't Nick realize that there are many more types of people these days than only male or female? They've got him now!!! (sarcasm).
Reply2 months
Jonathan Taylor? Wasn't that also in 2015? Saban is wise enough to distance himself from CUM's situation given what was alleged with Taylor.
Reply2 months
Love him or hate him, he is still the GOAT of CFB!
Reply2 months
He had that quote memorized. He's been Saban that one until asked.
Reply3 months
He had that quote memorized. He's been Saban that one until asked.
Reply3 months
Intelligent people don’t run off at the mouth.
Reply3 months
exactly. why would he throw stones at anyone when he doesn't have to and it has nothing to do with him.
3 months
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