Auburn alum Charles Barkley has always been very vocal about his hatred for everything Alabama, but after last night's Final Four game he went out of his way to see Crimson Tide star Mark Spears...
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Why he slap that cop
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TDTOM2 months
Barkley is a racist POS.
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cctiger602 months
bigger man than you
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3PieceSpicy2 months
Barkley is one of the most based black people of all
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6R122 months
Sears or Spears? Glad they lost.
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Timeoday2 months
Chas sees a young Chas.
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panzer2 months
frick Alabama frick em frick em in every way shape and thing frick em!
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Lynxrufus20122 months
Mark Spears. Really Larry?
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GeauxtigersMs362 months
Spears was a beast all year.
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AbSnopes2 months
Classy move by Charles. He's a good guy.
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captainFid2 months
Really was. As time goes by, I like him more and more. Last night, starting with wishing he didn't hate Alabama so much... he stated, how proud he was of Nate Oats and the team.
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